Houston Rockets: Is James Harden the best passer in the league?


The Beard is proving game after game that he may be the best passer in the league.

James Harden racked up 15 assists last night in a blowout victory over the Indiana Pacers. In that game, he had 9(!!!) of them in the 1st quarter alone. For the second-straight year, the Beard is on pace for over 10 assists per game.

It is time to acknowledge that James Harden may be the best passer in the league. His court vision is matched only by the likes of LeBron James or John Wall. Chris Paul is a pretty great passer, as well. Some of the passes that he makes seem impossible, but he does them anyway.

His turnovers are down this season, too. So far he has averaged a whole turnover less per game (4.8 vs. 5.7), including just 3 in his 15-assist game last night. He is being more careful with the basketball and not throwing up as many fullcourt passes.

Let’s examine some of his incredible passes from last night and the night before, shall we?

The passes

This first one is an impossible find of Capela off a pick and roll. It was made perfectly and he manages to do this game in and game out.


In what may have been his best pass of the night, James does the same thing, only better:


Between the legs? Seriously? What a beast. And this definitely isn’t the first time he’s done that pass. Harden somehow has it perfected and it goes to the necessary spot every time.

Let’s show one from the last Memphis game:

This James Harden pass… pic.twitter.com/lpFgHeEMwc

— John Schuhmann (@johnschuhmann) November 12, 2017

That is just absolutely incredible. Gordon didn’t end up making the shot, but the amount of skill it takes to find him in the corner is unmatched in the league. That is why I think that James is the best passer in the NBA. Here’s the scary part: he’s only getting better.

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*All stats via Basketball-Reference*

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