New Houston Rockets “City” jersey leaked on NBA 2K18

HOUSTON, TX - FEBRUARY 6: James Harden
HOUSTON, TX - FEBRUARY 6: James Harden /

The Houston Rockets are getting their fourth and final jersey of the season.

Yesterday, in an update to NBA 2K18, the new “City” Nike jerseys were leaked to the public, including the one for the Rockets.

The update has since been reversed, but people were still able to grab screenshots of the new jerseys of teams.

The Rockets’ new jersey was among the leaked is a bit underwhelming, unfortunately. It is similar to a design of the past, much like the other 3 jerseys the Rockets got this season from Nike.

Here it is, along with the one for the Spurs.

The "new" City jersey for the #Rockets is pretty underwhelming. It's essentially the same as they've had the past few years.

— Michael Knight (@M_KnightSCS) December 15, 2017

Yes, they brought back the Chinese New Year jersey and added the Nike pizzazz to it. While other teams are getting new and creative jerseys relating specifically to their city, the Rockets get a rehash from the past few years. The Spurs do as well, sorry San Antonio.

Now, this jersey is not bad by any means. It isn’t the best looking uniform of all time, but it does show some of the culture of the city of Houston and the Rockets’ organization. The Rockets are very popular in China thanks to the outreach of Hall of Famer Yao Ming.

Some of the other teams’ jerseys

Let’s look at a few of the new “City” jerseys from around the league, starting with the Warriors, Magic, Cavs & Lakers:

As you can see, these jerseys are certainly different from what these teams have worn before. The Lakers have done a similar jersey in the past, but besides that, the others here are completely new.

The Utah Jazz have a very…interesting one.

Utah Jazz Nike ‘City’ jersey leaked on NBA 2K18
Image via @conradburry #JazzNation #NBA  #TakeNote#NikeNBA #UtahJazz

— JazzNation (@JazzNationNews) December 14, 2017

I am not sure how the orange works with the Jazz, but I certainly am interested to see it on the court.

Here are a decent few, including some we’ve already talked about:

I took a pic of some of the other teams #NBA2K18 #Nike #uniforms

— Johnathan Parks (@JayTeeP216) December 14, 2017

Overall, the Rockets probably should have gotten a better jersey that represents the city more as a whole. The Chinese part of it definitely isn’t bad, but maybe a newer design is in order.

All in all, what do you guys think of the jersey? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook and Twitter.

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