DeAndre Jordan reportedly wants to be traded to Houston

Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images
Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images /

Even after the fights and shenanigans last night, one All-Star center still wants to be in Houston.

Wild night, huh? After a Rockets loss to the Clippers, the real fun began. DeAndre Jordan, who didn’t play last night, possibly wants to come to Houston. Let’s look at the post-game fun first.

Several Rockets players were rumored to be involved in a plot to get to Austin Rivers in the Clippers’ locker room. Blake Griffin was also a target, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.

Oh yeah, and Clint Capela apparently was a literal Trojan horse who knocked on the front door while Chris Paul led others through the back. It wasn’t quite like that, according to Jonathan Feigen, but we like to think it was a great plot.

Even after the altercation, news came out this morning that Clippers’ center DeAndre Jordan wants to be a Houston Rocket. Stephen A. Smith was the first to say this via First Take:

“You got DeAndre Jordan (@DeAndre), who wants to get traded to the Houston #Rockets.” – @stephenasmith

— Alykhan Bijani (@Rockets_Insider) January 16, 2018

How accurate is this news?

With Stephen A. Smith, you can never really know if he has a legitimate source or if he’s full of bologna.

It certainly would make sense that DeAndre wants to be in Houston, though. Jordan is from Houston and constantly makes that known. He is still very good friends with Chris Paul. During CP3’s postgame interview, he stated that the two talk daily.

Here is what Chris Paul had to say about DeAndre Jordan after last night’s #Rockets game @ the Clippers. “I talk to DJ (DeAndre Jordan) all the time…everyday.”

— Alykhan Bijani (@Rockets_Insider) January 16, 2018

The trade

A trade for DeAndre Jordan would be pretty tricky. The Rockets have little to no assets outside of Clint Capela, who the team will likely want to keep and re-sign this offseason.

DeAndre Jordan has a player option that could make him an unrestricted free agent this summer if he pleases. He is making around $22.6 million this season which would go up to over $24 million if he opts into the last year.

Ryan Anderson would need to be included due to his large contract. A package of him and Capela with a future first-round pick may get the deal done, but do the Rockets really want that? Capela has shown a ton of upside and has a great connection with Chris Paul and James Harden.

The ball is in your court, Daryl Morey. We trust you.

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