Rockets: Both stars are in favor of Carmelo Anthony joining team


The stars of the Rockets both want to add another exciting piece to the squad for next season.

It is looking very likely that the Houston Rockets will sign Carmelo Anthony in the near future. After pursuing him multiple times in the past, they should finally be able to see him in Rockets red for the 2018-19 season.

Chris Paul has long been a supporter of bringing Melo to Houston. Since last offseason, CP3 has advocated for his friend to join the squad. He recently was seen working out with him and has told the Rockets to look into signing him.

James Harden has also recently joined the cause for Carmelo. Today, he said that “it’d be a great acquisition for us” and that “he’s a proven vet who just wants to win at this point.” This is one of the first times that we’ve heard Harden in open support of bringing Melo to Houston.

.@JHarden13 on Carmelo Anthony: "It'd be a great acquisition for us." #Rockets

— Mark Berman (@MarkBermanFox26) July 20, 2018

He would fit well with the two stars

James Harden and Chris Paul should definitely both be welcoming of Carmelo’s offensive talents. He may not be the same player he was when he was a runner-up to the MVP award but he still has a lot to offer the Rockets.

He’ll have more open shots than he’s ever had before playing with two Hall of Fame level passers in Houston. He’ll also get to play in an elite isolation offense that is tailored to his game. Giving Melo as many isos as he wants isn’t a great idea, but he’s a proven crunch-time scorer who could really help in those situations.

His off-ball offense wasn’t fantastic last year, but in this system, he is bound to improve in almost every way. D’Antoni is a much better coach than Billy Donovan, especially on offense. Harden and Paul are better playmakers than Westbrook and George. It should be a recipe for success for a very low price.

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Speaking of price, he might take even less money now that he is receiving the full $27.9 million from his buyout. That makes this less of a risk for the Rockets. If he doesn’t work out, they could cut their losses and waive him or just not play him. Let’s hope it does work out, though.