Houston Rockets: Why Gerald Green is a hometown hero

HOUSTON, TX - MARCH 30: Gerald Green
HOUSTON, TX - MARCH 30: Gerald Green /

Gerald Green is a player who has shown up and shown out throughout his career. A thorough tenacious career seeing 8 different NBA teams, and a handful of European organizations, it is only fitting to see the hometown hero return to contribute towards a championship caliber team, the Houston Rockets, at this point in his career.

I vividly remember the 10-day contract Gerald Green was offered by the Houston Rockets in 2007 after winning the slam dunk contest. The name of the city tattooed on his forearm finally matching the jersey he was wearing (pre-I45 shoulder tattoo). He would soon go on to play for Dallas, New Jersey, Indiana, Phoenix, Miami, and Boston, before finally returning to his hometown Rockets in the 2017-2018 season.

It is undeniable that Gerald loves the city as much as the city loves him; a rotation of Earl Campbell, Nolan Ryan, Hakeem Olajuwon, and Houston Dynamo jerseys were a staple in his off-court closet. Both Houston Astros and Rockets logos were worn interwoven into his braids throughout the season (shoutout @SandrasBraids on Instagram).

This is the same city that offered him a second opportunity with another 10-day contract last season, turning into a guaranteed full season contract, and eventually another full season contract this year. The same guy who was contemplating retirement and playing 1-on-1 with his Rottweiler in his driveway last year has now become undoubtedly a hometown fan favorite.

Gerald Green’s Houston comeback

Last year was impressive for Green statistically after a long tenacious 11 season NBA career. The sporadic call to work-out for the Rockets was not entirely expected. Gerald was cut by the Bucks early in the season and found himself flying to Boston immediately one day to attend to his son who had a severe allergic reaction.

The same day his flight landed in Boston he received the call from the Rockets. The next day doctors reported his son as healthy, and Gerald’s workout was impressive enough to lead to an initial contract offer. GG14 showed up this season becoming an integral part of our rotation and general championship run.

His jersey is now a featured seller on official retailers websites, rightfully so. His presence on the wing, coast to coast energy, and high-flying presence are needed for the this year’s Rocket’s progression.

(Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images)
(Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images) /

Hometown hero during Hurricane Harvey

The word hero is heavy, and shouldn’t just be thrown at someone for hitting a clutch 3 to win against the Suns (How is that 3 pt % that clutch with a missing shooting finger?). However, the extreme efforts of Gerald Green to help and progress his hometown city during the Hurricane Harvey tragedy very well might earn him that label as a hero.

The consistent videos magnifying the issues caused by Hurricane Harvey, and his presence as well as tangible donations, were definitively a benefit to the city in a time of crucial need. Green was an active consultant to other ballers or various celebrities with a pull to garner resources for Houston, the city he was born in.

Regardless of what money or beneficial internet promotions, Gerald Green was actively and visibly in the deep cuts of Hurricane Harvey’s social tragedies. A video has gone viral of him almost frantically calling for boats while driving around in his raised truck last August during the prime Harvey days.

Another video shows Gerald reaffirming a senior woman overwhelmed by the effects of the hurricane saying, “I got you, I got you…” The sincerity of Gerald Green’s investment towards helping the city he was born in is just as admirable as his response to being a Houston Rocket, “Putting this Rockets jersey on is a straight honor.”

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Every city needs a player like Gerald Green, Houston is lucky to have him.