Rockets: Mike D’Antoni calls P.J. Tucker ‘one of the best players in the league’

Houston Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni told reporters at media day that P.J. Tucker is one of the best players in the league at his position.

Like the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers, almost everyone also had their eyes on the Houston Rockets on media day.

Last year, the Rockets were clearly the second best team in the NBA. They probably would’ve won a championship and solidified themselves as the league’s best team if Chris Paul could have avoided an untimely hamstring injury.

Everyone wants to know what Houston’s starting lineup will look like before the regular season. Specifically, we want to know if Carmelo Anthony will be a starter or a reserve and if he’s content with taking a bench role. Anthony has stated that he’s willing to do whatever to help the team win a championship, even if that means joining the second unit.

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The Rockets probably won’t settle on a clear starting lineup until after training camp. Melo will have to compete for the starting power forward role with P.J. Tucker, who is one of the league’s best power forwards. Well, he’s one of the league’s elite players at least in Coach D’Antoni’s mind, which is the only opinion that really matters for Melo and his teammates. Mike D’Antoni talked about all of the areas in which Tucker excels in at media day, according to the Houston Chronicle’s Jonathan Feigen.

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