8 players the Houston Rockets can land with Nene’s reduced contract

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Houston Rockets

Houston Rockets John Collins (Photo by Bill Baptist/NBAE via Getty Images)

With the Houston Rockets approaching the January 15th date in which Nene can be traded, let’s take a look at eight players the Rockets can land with Nene’s contract.

When the Houston Rockets signed Nene to a new contract, it was obvious he was signed for trade purposes. For starters, we know Rockets general manager Daryl Morey is one of the elite general managers in the NBA and is willing to creatively find ways to improve the roster.

But not only that, the initial contract was drawn up to inflate Nene’s outgoing value for trade purposes, so it left little doubt that Nene would be traded. Unfortunately, the league intervened and reduced his outgoing salary from $10 million to $2.6 million, which has significantly hindered the Rockets’ pursuit of Robert Covington.

Not only that, it eliminated the Rockets’ ability to land a slew of players who would instantly improve the team. Although the Rockets may not be able to land the players on the previous list we compiled, there are several players the Rockets can acquire with Nene’s reduced contract number. Granted, we don’t know if the Rockets are simply going to trade Nene as a means of getting below the luxury tax or if they’re going to pursue a solid contributor that may very well put them over it, but it’s a possibility that they may simply try to dodge it yet again like they did during the 2018-19 season.

One of the main drawbacks of Nene’s contract is that he can’t be traded before January 15th, which has left Rockets’ fans waiting and speculating who Nene will be traded for. But that date is fast approaching, so let’s take a look at eight players who the Rockets can land with Nene’s reduced contract.

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