Ranking top 5 funny moments involving the Houston Rockets this season

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Houston Rockets Austin Rivers (Photo by Yong Teck Lim/Getty Images) /
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3. Tracy McGrady Gets Caught Looking

Hall of Famer Tracy McGrady gave the Houston Rockets some remarkable seasons from 2005-2009, making the All-Star game in his first two seasons with the team and averaging 22.7 points and 5.5 rebounds per game.

T-Mac enjoyed an illustrious 15-year NBA career filled with All-Star appearances, All-NBA selections and eventually a Hall of Fame induction. After his retirement, he settled into a TV analyst role, most frequently seen on ESPN’s The Jump, hosted by Rachel Nichols.

McGrady has had a lot of opinions about the Rockets this season, some of which we’ve discussed recently. While Tracy is normally focused and ready to go with intelligent basketball analysis, a split-second image seemed to catch him distracted, which we couldn’t help but share:

In the latest example of how the internet is undefeated….ladies and gentlemen please welcome….Tracy McGrady pic.twitter.com/c1VHYecw6n

— Space City Scoop (@SpaceCity_Scoop) February 11, 2020

Off the bat, I’ll start by having T-Mac’s back on this one. It’s very easy to catch someone doing something that’s actually harmless for one second in time that makes it look like something worse.

Obviously, it appears at first glance that McGrady was eyeing Rachel Nichols during halftime of a Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors matchup, which makes this image pretty funny. As you’d expect, the image floated around Twitter, causing many responses to the moment.

While, again, I feel like it’s easy to catch someone in a compromising position when they actually weren’t doing anything, it wouldn’t take much convincing for me to believe that Tracy was sneaking a quick glance at Nichols while she was reporting about the game.

Unless he spotted a bug or particularly appealing shine on the hardwood, it’s hard to see what Tracy would be looking at besides the ESPN host. Whether the glance was innocent or not, the image certainly provided for a meme-able moment for the former Houston Rocket.

And speaking of memes:

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