5 of the media’s most erroneous Rockets takes of the season

Colin Cowherd (Photo by Amy E. Price/Getty Images for SXSW)
Colin Cowherd (Photo by Amy E. Price/Getty Images for SXSW) /
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Houston Rockets
Houston Rockets /

Colin Cowherd (Photo by Amy E. Price/Getty Images for SXSW) 

The Houston Rockets have faced endless criticism from the national media this season, including many false, baseless takes. As we head down the final stretch of the season, let’s take a look at the five most erroneous media takes that have been made towards the Rockets this season.

If you’ve been following the Houston Rockets then you know they’re constantly under scrutiny by the national media. It seems like everytime we hear about anything Rockets related it’s always negative, unless it’s from the local media.

We’ve heard many takes, ranging from how general manager Daryl Morey isn’t the best person for the job, to how James Harden isn’t clutch, and the infamous take of how the Rockets are ruining basketball, which is absolutely baseless. The recent take is how the Rockets can’t win with the small-ball lineup, although it’s been successful thus far, not to mention the fact that the Golden State Warriors won multiple championships by employing the same strategy.

At times we’ve had to question the credibility of many of these “experts” because it’s been made clear that they don’t necessarily follow the Rockets in depth. ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith was a recent example of this, as he seemed unaware of the fact that former Houston Rockets forward Gerald Green had been included in the Robert Covington trade.

This was quite disturbing considering the fact that Green hasn’t played all season and is currently a free agent. But Smith deserves somewhat of a pass because he recently called James Harden the greatest scorer in today’s era, despite being met with unsurprising opposition from his counterpart Max Kellerman, who is known for his constant criticism of Harden.

The Rockets have faced alot of negativity to this point in the season, which makes it impossible to include each of them. A good example is how essentially everyone in the national media thought the Rockets made a desperate move by trading for Russell Westbrook, which has worked out masterfully. As we head into the final stretch of the season, let’s recap the most erroneous media takes we’ve heard upto this point regarding the Houston Rockets this season.

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