NBA Free League Pass: Links to re-watch all 40 Rockets wins this season

Houston Rockets Russell Westbrook James Harden Austin Rivers (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images)
Houston Rockets Russell Westbrook James Harden Austin Rivers (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images) /

With the season now in limbo, fans of the Houston Rockets can now watch both home and away broadcasts of all 64 of the team’s games this season.

NBA fans everywhere finally got a break on Wednesday when the NBA announced it would be making its League Pass subscription service available for free to everyone. As part of the service, a few classic Houston Rockets games are now free to watch, including the exciting finish to the 1986 Western Conference Finals that sent the Los Angeles Lakers home at the last second.

Another perk to having access to NBA League Pass is that all 64 Houston Rockets games are now available to rewatch with both home and away broadcast commentary. The last day Houston played was on March 10th, when they got back on the winning track with a 117-111 victory over the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Overall, the latest game, as well as all others from this season can be found from this NBA scores page. To watch a given Rockets game, you will first need to sign in with an account, and then to scroll to the date of the game and click the watch link underneath the score.

If you’re a glutton for punishment, the 24 losses by James Harden and company are all available to watch using this method. Since I don’t fall into that category, I’ve compiled a link to all 40 victories enjoyed by Clutch City this season. Again, make sure you are signed in on before clicking these.

10/26/19 – New Orleans Pelicans @ Houston Rockets
10/28/19 – Oklahoma City Thunder @ Houston Rockets
10/30/19 – Houston Rockets @ Washington Wizards

11/4/19 – Houston Rockets @ Memphis Grizzlies
11/6/19 – Golden State Warriors @ Houston Rockets
11/9/19 – Houston Rockets @ Chicago Bulls 
11/11/19 – Houston Rockets @ New Orleans Pelicans
11/13/19 – LA Clippers @ Houston Rockets
11/15/19 – Indiana Pacers @ Houston Rockets
11/16/19 – Houston Rockets @ Minnesota Timberwolves
11/18/19 – Portland Trail Blazers @ Houston Rockets
11/27/19 – Miami Heat @ Houston Rockets
11/30/19 – Atlanta Hawks @ Houston Rockets

12/5/19 – Houston Rockets @ Toronto Raptors
12/7/19 – Phoenix Suns @ Houston Rockets
12/11/19 – Houston Rockets @ Cleveland Cavaliers
12/13/19 – Houston Rockets @ Orlando Magic
12/16/19 – San Antonio Spurs @ Houston Rockets
12/19/19 – Houston Rockets @ LA Clippers
12/21/19 – Houston Rockets @ Phoenix Suns 
12/23/19 – Houston Rockets @ Sacramento Kings
12/28/19 – Brooklyn Nets @ Houston Rockets
12/31/19 – Denver Nuggets @ Houston Rockets


1/3/20 – Philadelphia 76ers @ Houston Rockets
1/8/20 – Houston Rockets @ Atlanta Hawks
1/11/20 – Minnesota Timberwolves @ Houston Rockets
1/21/20 – Denver Nuggets @ Houston Rockets
1/24/20 – Houston Rockets @ Minnesota Timberwolves
1/27/20 – Houston Rockets @ Utah Jazz
1/31/20 – Dallas Mavericks @ Houston Rockets


2/2/20 – New Orleans Pelicans @ Houston Rockets
2/4/20 – Charlotte Hornets @ Houston Rockets
2/6/20 – Houston Rockets @ Los Angeles Lakers
2/11/20 – Boston Celtics @ Houston Rockets
2/20/20 – Houston Rockets @ Golden State Warriors
2/22/20 – Houston Rockets @ Utah Jazz
2/24/20 – New York Knicks @ Houston Rockets
2/26/20 – Memphis Grizzlies @ Houston Rockets
2/29/20 – Houston Rockets @ Boston Celtics

3/10/20 – Minnesota Timberwolves @ Houston Rockets

One tip: try out the opponents’ feed for those games in which guys like Harden or Russell Westbrook were unstoppable. It can be very entertaining to see how other commentating duos react to feeling helpless.

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As we all look to stay safe indoors, it’s nice to have some big wins by H-Town to revisit during this hiatus. Good move, NBA.