Listing Moses Malone’s best Rockets’ 20/20 Sunday games

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Moses Malone looks on during Media Day for the All-Star Game at the Renaissance Hotel in Cleveland, Ohio. /

With today being Sunday, let’s take a look at Houston Rockets’ legend Moses Malone’s best 20/20 performances that took place on a Sunday.

With the NBA on an unspecified hiatus, many have used the time to go back into the Houston Rockets history books. We’ve done the same, as we listed the best Rockets’ performances that fell on March 15th and James Harden‘s best games from March 18th.

There have been many current and future Hall of Fame players that have donned a Rockets uniform, which isn’t surprising considering how the Rockets have been in existence for 53 years. One of those players is Moses Malone, who is undeniably one of the best rebounders in NBA history, which is partly why he’s earned the nickname “Chairman of the Boards.”

Malone spent six seasons in Houston, and led the Rockets to a 251-241 record during his Rockets’ tenure. This is good for 51 percent, and includes five playoff appearances. Although Malone didn’t spend an exorbitant amount of time in Houston, he played long enough to etch himself in Rockets history, as he ranks first in rebounds per game, first in offensive and defensive rebound percentage, and second in points per game.

With Malone having had a stellar Rockets career, let’s take a look at his 20/20 performances that fell on a Sunday.

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