What Houston Rockets’ Robert Covington just bought to stay in shape

Houston Rockets Robert Covington (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)
Houston Rockets Robert Covington (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images) /

As the Houston Rockets enter week three without seeing NBA action, Robert Covington shared a couple of purchases he made to stay ready.

It’s been two weeks since the NBA had to shut down operations, and it’s safe to say the players are handling their time off in different ways. While some are sharing a little bit too much on social media recently, newly-acquired Robert Covington of the Houston Rockets shared something that should be encouraging to fans of the team.

Covington took to his Instagram on Tuesday to give his followers some insight on how he’s planning to stay in shape and ready in case the NBA is able to resume.

In his Instagram story, he starts by expressing his frustration with the pandemic but assures everyone that “we’re gonna get through it.” He then cuts to video of a new outdoor basketball hoop at his residence. “Had to go get a rim. Had to get some weights,” says Covington.

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From there, RoCo shows off his new pool. “Got my pool working, so I’ll be able to get some pool workouts in. Gotta stay ready,” says the 29-year-old forward.

RoCo is taking steps to stay ready during the hiatus. #Rockets #OneMission pic.twitter.com/vmugJaJDB0

— Space City Scoop (@SpaceCity_Scoop) March 25, 2020

Like every other player in the league, it’s clear that the new Rocket misses being out on the court. In just 14 games with the team, Covington has already cemented himself as one of their most

important players, contributing well on both ends of the floor.

The 3-and-D specialist is averaging 12.8 points, 7.9 rebounds and a staggering 2.5 blocks per game in his second stint on the Rockets.

With just 14 games under his belt in H-Town, his quick start is encouraging and has been an early indication that the trade that sent Clint Capela to Atlanta was worth it.

Covington’s optimistic attitude that the league can still resume this season is to be admired, and the fact that he’s finding ways to stay ready at home shows his high level of commitment.

No one knows how long this global pandemic will last.

What seemed to be a slight postponement of everyday events has now progressed to “stay-at-home” orders and complete lockdowns around the world.

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As the Rockets continue to wait everything out in their homes, it’s good to know that RoCo will be continuing to work on his body and hooping skills.