Explaining the 15 oddest nicknames in Houston Rockets history

Houston Rockets James Harden Chris Paul (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images)
Houston Rockets James Harden Chris Paul (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images) /
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11. Robert Horry – The Key Man

Robert Horry wasn’t a seven-time NBA champion by mistake. His penchant for hitting clutch shot after clutch shot in the biggest of moments warranted the nickname Big Shot Bob (or Rob), but what’s the meaning behind his other listed nickname, The Key Man?

According to a 2007 LA Times article, there have been several nicknames from NBA.com that don’t quite translate perfectly to Chinese, such as Little Emperor instead of King James for LeBron James.

While the article doesn’t offer a specific nickname that was translated to The Key Man, it offers the reasoning as being that Robert Horry has an ability to make key baskets. While I appreciate the effort, I’ll probably be sticking to Big Shot Bob.

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10. Eric Gordon – The Hobbit

According to Basketball-Reference, Eric Gordon has six established nicknames that include E-Money, EG, EJ, Splash Gordon, 3G and Air Gordon. What I would imagine is the most offensive nickname, The Hobbit, is actually one he doesn’t mind.

As a 2009 Sports Illustrated article explained, Marcus Camby appointed the nickname to Gordon “after watching The Lord of the Rings and seeing a likeness between the film’s lead character and [Gordon.]”

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The article continued: “I like the name,” Gordon admitted. “I’m an undersized guy who does powerful things. Hobbit — that’s a nice little nickname for me.”

While I’m partial to Splash Gordon or E-Money, it appears The Hobbit works fine for Eric Gordon.

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