Rockets flashback: Legend Moses Malone sets an unbeatable record

Moses Malone #24 of the Houston Rockets (Photo by Dick Raphael/NBAE via Getty Images)
Moses Malone #24 of the Houston Rockets (Photo by Dick Raphael/NBAE via Getty Images) /

The tremendous career of Moses Malone included multiple dominant seasons with the Houston Rockets that are still unrivaled in NBA history.

It’s hard to be more dominant in one statistic than Moses Malone was when it came to grabbing offensive boards. Throughout his illustrious 21-year career, Malone dominated the boards on both ends, but his acumen for pulling down offensive rebounds for the Houston Rockets was historic.

Starting his basketball career in the ABA with the Utah Stars, Malone immediately set the tone for what would be a historic career on the glass by averaging 14.6 rebounds per game. Two years later, the 6-10 center was in Houston, where he would have the best years of his career.

Over the course of his six seasons with the Rockets, Moses Malone went on to have four of the best offensive rebounding seasons in NBA history. You read that right — when it comes to offensive rebounds in a season, it’s Moses Malone, Moses Malone, Moses Malone, Dennis Rodman and Moses Malone.

In the 1978-79 season, Malone set the all-time record for offensive boards in a season with 587. Still 41 years later, no one has even come close to that number. Well, no one besides Moses again, the following year.

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The second-most offensive rebounds ever pulled down in a season happened the following season when Malone pulled down 573. His 558 rebounds two seasons later are still third all-time before Dennis Rodman breaks up the list with 523.

When all was said and done, Malone established himself as one of the most dominant centers in NBA history and easily the greatest offensive rebounder the game will ever see. Currently, he has over 2,000 more offensive rebounds than anyone else in NBA history, with 6,731 compared to 4,598 from Robert Parish.

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The Hall of Fame career of Moses Malone will forever be one of the greatest in NBA history. Decades from now, don’t be surprised to see his name still at the top of several rebounding records.