Devin Booker talks Rockets’ PJ Tucker’s stellar corner shooting

Houston Rockets PJ Tucker (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
Houston Rockets PJ Tucker (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images) /

Phoenix Suns star Devin Booker recently offered praise for Houston Rockets corner 3-point specialist PJ Tucker.

During the semifinal round of the NBA’s players-only NBA 2K tournament, Devin Booker of the Phoenix Suns, faced off against LA Clippers forward Montrezl Harrell, who opted to play with the Houston Rockets. This added a level of intrigue for Rockets fans, because Deandre Ayton had been the only other player to select them upto that point.

Although Harrell’s pick may have been refreshing for Rockets Nation, the excitement didn’t last long, as Harrell trailed by double-figures by halftime. Harrell was ultimately defeated 68-54, which was bound to happen, considering how he was misusing the Rockets.

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Part of that included shooting 3-pointers at the top of the key with P.J. Tucker, which isn’t the smartest way to use The Sneaker King. Booker told Harrell, “He”s gotta be in the corner bro. He’s gotta be in the corner.”

It’s not surprising that Booker knew that, because he played alongside Tucker during Booker’s first two seasons in Phoenix. However, it is surprising that Harrell needed to be told that, as Tucker is the best corner shooter in the league. In fact, Tucker made 10 more threes from the corner than anyone else this season, with Duncan Robinson being second.

Tucker’s percentage from the corner is also better than his season average, as Tucker made 40 percent of his corner triples, compared to his season average of 37 percent. Where Tuck was most lethal was from the left corner, as he made 43.6 percent of his shots from that area, compared to 36.8 percent from the right.

What’s interesting about that is that he’s attempted 12 more from the right corner, despite being less efficient from that side of the floor. This is the opposite of how Tucker fared during the 2018-19 season, as he made 43.2 percent of his treys from the right side of the floor, as compared to just 33.9 percent from the left.

It was again the opposite side of the floor that Tucker fared better at during the 2017-18 season however, as he made more treys from the left side than anyone else in the league, and made 42.7 percent from the left, compared to 37.1 percent from the right corner.

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All in all, Tucker has consistently been at/near the top of the corner 3-point shooting statistics during each of his seasons in the Space City, and Booker even knew it.