3 trades Jerry Krause made with the Houston Rockets

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Houston Rockets

Chicago Bulls’ General Manager Jerry Krause AFP PHOTO Dan Levine (Photo by Dan Levine / AFP) (Photo credit should read DAN LEVINE/AFP via Getty Images)

Throughout Jerry Krause’s tenure as the Chicago Bulls general manager, he made several trades with the Houston Rockets. Let’s take a look at each of them.

ESPN’s docu-series The Last Dance has immensely lived up to the hype, as we’ve eagerly awaited for each Sunday, in which each of the next two episodes will be unveiled. This is saying quite a bit, as we first saw trailers for the series in December of 2018, which has given us plenty of time to build anticipation for it. What’s been surprising is the amount of Houston Rockets ties that exist between that Bulls team and former GM Jerry Krause.

Krause has been the villain of the show, which is a bit unfair considering how he doesn’t have the ability to defend himself from actions and decisions he made more than 20 years ago. Former Rockets coach Kevin McHale even spoke about this, stating that Krause wasn’t nearly as bad as he’s been portrayed in the film.

Although the show is far from a replacement for live sports action, it’s certainly been the next best thing. It’s given us insight into the extremely competitive psyche of Michael Jordan, and it’s also allowed the new wave of younger basketball fans to see the greatness of MJ.

The latter point is an important one, as the new era of basketball fans automatically chalk up the greatest ever claim to LeBron James, simply because they’re too young to know anything about Jordan. It’s been especially helpful on the Houston Rockets front to go back into Bulls-related history, as the Rockets made several trades with Jerry Krause over the course of his 27 years at the helm in Chicago.

Let’s take a look at each of those trades.

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