5 Rockets players who were most like Dennis Rodman

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5. Steve Francis

Steve Francis‘ game was nothing like Rodman, I’ll be the first to admit. But Francis was a loose cannon on the court, much like Rodman.

Francis would curse at officials and even cursed during live in-game interviews with sideline reporters, as he had a hot temper, which was very Rodman-esque. Francis was a malcontent, and was very much capable of getting ejections.

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Francis also butted heads with former Houston Rockets coach Jeff Van Vundy, and later refused to enter a game for former Orlando Magic coach Brian Hill, which was further proof of him being a loose cannon.

Like Rodman, Stevie Franchise didn’t care about the statline, which he openly stated when asked about his offensive numbers taking a turn for the worse due to Van Gundy’s system.

Francis said, “If it trashes my reputation as a scorer, so be it. I’m happy that I’m at this point, that I’m on a team still playing for something.”

Francis was most like Rodman off the court, however, as he lived like a rockstar. Francis frequented strip clubs on a regular, and famously decided to go to the Super Bowl instead of catching the team flight to Phoenix, in advance of a game the Rockets had against the Suns.

There’s no denying that Francis would’ve joined Dennis Rodman in Vegas, if he were given the opportunity. And he certainly would’ve used a team-approved absence to party, which was certainly Rodman-esque.

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