Kevin McHale on Rockets analytics: “Numbers don’t win games”

Kevin McHale (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Kevin McHale (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /
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Houston Rockets
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Kevin McHale shares thoughts

Former Rockets coach Kevin McHale says no to the the previous question, citing that numbers simply don’t win games. McHale joined The Usual Suspects on ESPN 97.5’s The Game and had the below to say.

“You guys are caught up a little bit in Houston on numbers. Numbers do not win games. The one number that wins the game is if you have one more point than the other team. That’s the biggest number. But numbers don’t win games. It’s all about teamwork, playing together, knowing who the hot man is, reading situations, shot selection, getting to the line at the end of the game, having plays that aren’t 3-pointers at the end of the game; plays that are driving and getting fouled. All those things come into play.”

That’s alot to unpack, and these are interesting comments coming from McHale, who coached this group for a little more than four seasons, before ultimately getting axed shortly after the 2015-16 season started. In this interview, McHale made sure to say that he enjoyed his time in Houston and certainly wasn’t bashing the Houston Rockets, but he makes some good points, especially as it pertains to end of game execution.

McHale emphasized the importance of having plays that don’t result in threes being taken down the stretch, and instead are designed at getting to the cup and/or result in getting to the free throw line. McHale also used Kawhi Leonard and the Toronto Raptors’ championship run as proof that shooting 3-pointers isn’t necessarily needed to win a championship.

McHale added, “Look at how Kawhi Leonard won the championship with Toronto last year. 15 and 18 footers, getting fouled, and posting up. He didn’t just shoot 3’s.”

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