How Rockets’ Charles Barkley situation shows pettiness of Michael Jordan

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Houston Rockets

Phoenix Suns forward Charles Barkley Chicago Bulls guard Michael Jordan (Photo credit should read BRIAN BAHR/AFP via Getty Images)

Former Houston Rockets forward Charles Barkley had a fall out with Michael Jordan, and Jordan is handling it the wrong way.

Michael Jordan and former Houston Rockets forward Charles Barkley once held a friendship that spanned over two decades, from their playing days to their days post-retirement. Jordan and Barkley spent alot of time together during the 1992 Olympics, as both players were part of the Dream Team.

Jordan once referred to the Houston Rockets great as a brother to him, and Barkley has stated the same about Jordan. But these days they aren’t talking at all, which ultimately falls on each of their shoulders, as someone needs to emerge as the bigger individual.

What’s interesting about their feud is that Jordan has stopped talking to the former Houston Rockets forward because Barkley was critical of his front office decisions, which goes against everything we’ve been led to believe about Jordan. Sure, we know that Jordan is always seeking ways to motivate and inspire himself, but it seems rather unusual that he’d go so far as to not speak to someone he was once close with, all because of them being truthful by stating that he wasn’t good at his job.

If MJ had an issue with the fact that he was horrid as a decision maker with the Charlotte Hornets, the solution is simple: make better decisions or simply pass off the decision-making authority to someone else. It’s not Barkley’s fault that Jordan has been God-awful as an executive, and you’d think an ultra competitor like Jordan would realize that, and appreciate that.

But let’s dive into the Barkley’s comments and see if he said anything about Jordan that would warrant a permanent silence.

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