Rockets Matt Bullard: You did not want Calvin Murphy as your roommate

Houston Rockets Calvin Murphy (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)
Houston Rockets Calvin Murphy (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images) /
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Rockets’ Matt Bullard shares classic story

Beyond the suits, Murphy’s one-of-a-kind personality extends back to his playing days, as explained by former Houston Rockets sharpshooter Matt Bullard. The Bull was speaking on SportsTalk 790 and had the below to say.

“I remember Bill Worrell telling stories about Calvin Murphy, when Calvin was playing. Calvin would carry a portable turntable, it was a case that closed up that had latches and a handle on it. He’d carry this turntable around and he’d carry about 10 or 15 albums with him on the road.

So they’d be flying commercial and Calvin would carry his LPs with him and play his turntable in his hotel room. And you did not want your room to be next to Calvin Murphy because he was going to be jamming some Motown all night long.”

This is gold and a classic quote, as not only did Murphy bring his turntables on the team plane but he would also “be jamming Motown all night long” in the hotel rooms. But Murphy’s unique character was on display well before he joined the Houston Rockets, as his former college coach remembered Murphy during his days at Niagara University.

Frank Layden recently joined Sirius XM’s NBA Today with Justin Termine and former Houston Rockets forward Eddie Johnson and added, “I coached Calvin Murphy in college and he was a character.”

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Considering Murphy’s profession in the media, this is a beneficial trait to have, because he’s able to turn his personality into instant entertainment. It’s worth wondering if he still jams Motown throughout the night today but even if he doesn’t, it’s safe to say he’s one of the most entertaining sports personalities in the industry.