Former Rockets guard Pat Beverley calls out NBA over lack of clarity

James Harden of the Houston Rockets Patrick Beverley of the LA Clippers (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images)
James Harden of the Houston Rockets Patrick Beverley of the LA Clippers (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images) /

Former Houston Rockets guard Patrick Beverley raised eyebrows with his most recent comments, as he called out the NBA’s front office.

It’s been a rather unusual time in the sports world, as most of the sports leagues have been shut down. It’s been especially interesting on the NBA front, as we’ve heard that the league could potentially return to action in August, which is painful to hear. Although the extended absence has been frustrating for the fans, the Houston Rockets have turned the hiatus into a positive, as they’ve been planning for potential offseason moves during this time.

We’ve heard all types of reports regarding the league’s attempts to return to the court, ranging from a World Cup style playoff format, to even a top-16 selection style, regardless of conference. But although we’re hearing these reports from league insiders, the players aren’t exactly getting any updates from the league itself.

On Wednesday night, former Houston Rockets guard Patrick Beverley outlined the state of affairs from the players’ perspective on ESPN’s SportsCenter with Scott Van Pelt.

“It’s just sad that we gotta hear about things happening in our workplace via Twitter. We just want more communication. Let us know, don’t just string us along.

If the NBA is starting or if it’s finished, just let us know. We put in enough blood, sweat, and tears for this league and we feel like it should be a certain line of respect where we should know what’s going on.

Whatever the answer is, regardless of how people take it. We just wanna know can we hoop, that’s it.”

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Former Houston Rockets guard Patrick Beverley calls out the NBA over lack of clarity.

This is quite surprising to hear from the former Rockets fan favorite, because we’ve heard on numerous occasions that the league had conducted several meetings and calls with the players, which implies that they’ve been informed of the league’s plans. We’ve also heard that the league had established a coalition of star players, of which Rockets star Russell Westbrook is a part of.

So it would seem like at the very least, players like Beverley would have gotten alerted by the star-studded player coalition, as they were formed to serve as a voice for the players. Part of the reason why the league may have been skeptical to provide updates to the players, if that’s the case, is because they haven’t yet figured out what they’re going to do themselves.

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But even if that’s the case, Beverley is right in that they could at least tell the players that, as any update is better than no update. Especially considering that they’ve been alerting the league’s top media sources like Shams Charania and Adrian Wojnarowski.