5 Former Houston Rockets that had unusual shooting forms

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Houston Rockets with Unusual Form No. 2: Chuck Hayes

Remember how the Monstars stole the talents of Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing and other talented NBA players in Space Jam? Well, it sort of looked like they were up to it again every time Chuck Hayes went to the free throw line.

The 6-6 Kentucky graduate enjoyed 11 years in the NBA but never appeared to master the art of the free throw. Making his debut with the Houston Rockets in 2006 due to an abundance of injuries, Hayes made the most of his opportunity, eventually starting for the team for 43 games the following season.

As a power forward/center combo, Hayes spent the majority of his time in the paint, but when all eyes were on him for a pair of free throws, they would look like this.


Obviously, this clip is an extreme version of what it was like when Hayes went to the charity stripe. Not all of his freebies had this form, fortunately. But they were pretty close. Chuck never quite got the hang of looking like a normal person shooting a basketball when he got to the line.

As a result, Hayes shot just 60.5 percent from the foul line with the Rockets and 62 percent throughout his career.

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