ESPN’s Mike Greenberg believes Rockets are being slept on

TV personality Mike Greenberg (Photo by Adam Hunger/BIG3/Getty Images)
TV personality Mike Greenberg (Photo by Adam Hunger/BIG3/Getty Images) /

ESPN’s Mike Greenberg believes the Houston Rockets are being slept on, as they’ve largely gone under the radar.

The Houston Rockets have gone largely unnoticed by the national media, as many in the basketball world have the Los Angeles Lakers and the LA Clippers penned as the two teams to reach the Western Conference Finals (surprise, surprise). This school of thought suggests that it doesn’t matter what happens in these final eight games, because the Lakers and Clips will advance to the Conference Finals.

Chris Broussard went so far as to say the Rockets have absolutely no chance to win the title altogether, while citing the Clippers or the Lakers to be the team to eliminate them in the playoffs. Although the masses in the media are infatuated with the LA teams, there’s one person who hasn’t forgotten about the Rockets.

Last week on ESPN’s Get Up, host Mike Greenberg said, “The Houston Rockets are a team I think people need to be watching when they come back.” It seems as if Greenberg is the only person who we’ve heard say this, and he’s right for a number of reasons.

Mike Greenberg believes the Houston Rockets are being slept on.

For one, Eric Gordon has finally gotten healthy, and he’s shown the ability to take over games (just ask the Utah Jazz). On top of that, James Harden has slimmed down, which will do wonders for his game, as he’ll be much quicker and much more explosive.

Then there’s the P.J. Tucker angle, as he could certainly use the break, seeing how he was playing a career-high in minutes this season, and he’ll be asked to bang with the centers, due to the Rockets small-ball scheme. But not only that, the Rockets have held their own against both LA teams, which many seem to be forgetting.

The Rockets went 2-2 against the Clippers this season and 1-1 against the Lakers this season, which shouldn’t be ignored. The Lakers have proven to be unable to stop Russell Westbrook, as he’s averaged 38 points on 62.7 percent from the floor against the LeBron James-led crew. And the Clippers haven’t been able to slow down James Harden, as he’s averaged 32 points, 8.3 assists, and 7.3 rebounds against the Clips.

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But the media can continue to sleep on the Rockets, as it could prove to be beneficial. At least Greenberg has taken notice.