Shooting for the stars: The 8 Players who most embody the Rockets’ style

Markieff Morris (Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images)
Markieff Morris (Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images) /
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6. Shake Milton (SG/PG ) – Philadelphia 76ers

Shake Milton is a G-League success story. A second-round pick signed to a two-way contract in 2018, Milton worked his way into 20 games as a rookie before breaking out and earning a four-year NBA contract in 2019.

Milton takes an identical amount of threes as the Rockets but is more apt to pull up from mid-range. Milton has been lethal from three at 45.3 percent this season and could perform a role similar to Eric Gordon as an off-ball shooter for the Rockets. The problem is Philly desperately needs both 3-point shooting and cheap contracts that fit around their soon-to-be-max quartet.

Unless one of their big four is moved, Milton is about as valuable of a player for Philly as anyone. Milton should see his role increase for the 76ers when the season resumes. If Philadelphia looks to move any of their core, though, the Rockets should try and swoop in as a third team and see if they can pry Milton away.

Possibility of acquiring: 3-pointer

Houston Rockets
Trey Lyles (Photo by Ronald Cortes/Getty Images) /

5. Trey Lyles (F) – San Antonio Spurs

Trey Lyles is the less exciting version of Markeiff Morris, who is the less exciting version of Marcus Morris. Lyles is not going to wow anyone, but he’s never going to kill you if he’s on the court. He takes more mid-range jumpers than the Rockets but it’s close enough to place him in the top five.

Lyles, at his best, is a useful bench piece. As a stretch-four with a streaky 3-point shot, Lyles is as good as his stroke, and 2020 has been a career year.

Lyles wouldn’t move the needle much for the Rockets, but his contract for 2020-21 is non-guaranteed and is only $5.5 million. He is the type of player the Rockets should target to fill out the back of their roster, but he’s not someone they should give up assets for.

Possibility of acquiring: Layup

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