Houston Rockets: Analyzing favorable and unfavorable playoff matchups

Russell Westbrook James Harden (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images)
Russell Westbrook James Harden (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images) /
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Houston Rockets
Houston Rockets James Harden (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images) /

Although the Houston Rockets have opened a lot of eyes in the NBA Bubble, there are still some matchups that are more advantageous than others.

Before the NBA restart officially tipped off, the term “defense” and Houston Rockets did not quite go hand-in-hand. After astonishing performances against the Dallas Mavericks and Milwaukee Bucks, we are now relishing in the clutch defensive effort of this Houston team.

The Rockets were also able to storm back from a double-digit deficit in their third game against the Portland Trail Blazers, who were inching for an opportunity to sneak into the playoffs. The Rockets tied the game up in the final period but ultimately came up short, in part because of their horrid free throw shooting.

In the Rockets’ fourth game against the Los Angeles Lakers, who own the top spot in the Western Conference, the Rockets were without Russell Westbrook (and Eric Gordon), yet still pulled off a double-digit victory. With a 3-1 record and wins against each of the top teams in each conference, the Rockets have shown that they’re a force to be reckoned with.

With that being said, there are still some teams in the Western Conference that could pose an issue for the Rockets’ micro-ball lineup. Here are three teams that pose a favorable matchup for the Houston Rockets.

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