The Houston Rockets are wreaking havoc on overconfident centers

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Houston Rockets

Houston Rockets Robert Covington (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

The Houston Rockets are being underestimated due to their size, and it’s messing with the heads of the NBA’s best big men.

Since I’ve known it, basketball has always been a tall man’s game. It makes perfect sense — the hoop is 10 feet above the ground and the closer you are to it, the easier the game should be, right? (Lack of height is the only reason I’m not in the NBA myself, of course.) So what must 7-footers think when they see the Houston Rockets trotting out an all 6-6 and under lineup on a nightly basis?

When you see a physical mismatch, the instinct is to think you’ll have a field day against your smaller opponent. Similar thoughts were likely going on in the minds of Dwight Howard and Anthony Davis last Thursday before they tipped off against the micro ball Rockets.

After 48 minutes, the Los Angeles Lakers learned the hard way that the Rockets’ small stature doesn’t equate to playing timid on the court. Harrassed into one of his worst games of the season, Davis scored just 17 points while matching a career high in turnovers with seven.

It’s not easy to keep a guy like Anthony Davis out of rhythm, but the Rockets have managed to do so one more than one occasion this season.

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