Houston Rockets: Player grades from last-minute collapse against Thunder

Houston Rockets Danuel House (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
Houston Rockets Danuel House (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images) /
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The Houston Rockets Bench

Forward. Houston Rockets. JEFF GREEN. A +. Jeff Green is seemingly the only player who had a truly great game, and the only impactful player who can not be pointed to for this loss. With another 22-point performance on great shooting splits, seven rebounds, two blocks, and no turnovers, Green’s plus-minus was the second-highest on the team for clear reasons. His performance tonight was very similar to his performance in Game 1, so there is no justification for giving him a grade any lower than what he earned that night. Uncle Jeff continues to absolutely shine for this team.

Like Robert Covington, Ben McLemore did not get to shoot more than twice tonight. That makes it pretty hard to blame him for scoring no points and having virtually no impact offensively since he was not given a fair chance to. But unlike Covington, who only played 19 minutes due to his early foul trouble, McLemore played 18 minutes because he is a bench player and not a starter. While McLemore did not contribute almost anything tonight, he also did not have a negative impact on the team, as evidenced by his positive plus-minus of +3 and zero fouls to Covington’s -16 plus-minus and four fouls.. Guard. Houston Rockets. BEN MCLEMORE. B -

The Game 3 version of Austin Rivers was very far-removed from the Austin Rivers that scored a monster 41 points recently. Tonight, Rivers did not even resemble his Game 2 self, as he put up a meek four points on terrible shooting splits. In a game where very few Rockets were hot offensively, this was a game in which Rivers could have taken over the way he did on Thursday night. His defense did not look significantly worse or better than normal for him, but with more fouls and turnovers than points, this was not a dominant night for someone with as much dog in him as Rivers.. Guard. Houston Rockets. AUSTIN RIVERS. D

The officiating did not help the Rockets, this was somewhat of a must-win for OKC, and Houston was bound to have a night like this at some point. But it is a shame that they saw this happen to them in a game where a 3-0 lead was so closely within grasp. It is not the end of the world, but the Rockets can not have another performance like this in this series if they want to triumph over the Thunder comfortably.

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The Rockets will have the opportunity to make up for this game by taking a commanding 3-1 lead on Monday, Aug. 24, at 4 PM ET on TNT.