Rockets’ Robert Horry shares thoughts on Jacob Blake shooting

Robert Horry (Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images)
Robert Horry (Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images) /

Houston Rockets legend Robert Horry spoke out about the Jacob Blake incident, stating how the shooting hit home for him as an African-American father.

The unjustified police shooting of Jacob Blake prompted action through various leagues, starting with the NBA. The Houston Rockets were one of many teams to boycott their game, which speaks volumes, considering the magnitude of the circumstances.

The Rockets have also been one of the teams that have spoken out most about police brutality, as Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta recently stated that he stands by his players’ decision to boycott the game. We’ve also heard from Robert Covington, who shared an encounter he had with the police, in which an officer threatened to break his leg.

In addition, we’ve heard from Rockets reserve Thabo Sefolosha, who explained how such situations make him not trust the police, and understandably so, considering the life-changing experience he had with law enforcement. Rockets guard Russell Westbrook joined protesters in Compton, citing the need to protect one’s family.

Former Rockets legend Robert Horry speaks on Jacob Blake incident

On Wednesday evening former Rockets sharpshooter Robert Horry became the latest person with Houston Rockets ties to share his thoughts on the police brutality in America.

“At first when I saw it, I was looking at it like ‘well maybe they’re going to tase him, right?’ Because that’s what they do for white people. So I play it again, and I’m like ‘wow, they shot him 7 times in the back.’

I said [to my son] it’s beyond wrong. It’s flat out evil. And it’s hard to tell my 14 year-old-son that I worry about him when he walks out that door. Because black men are an endangered species, these cops are just killing us. They feel like if they don’t have their body cams on, they have a right.”

Horry, like many other athletes, has boys, which makes it impossible for him to not think about his kids when seeing unwarranted shootings by the police. Horry’s former Houston Rockets teammate, Kenny Smith, walked off the TNT set, to stand by the players in their boycott.

Houston Rockets great Hakeem Olajuwon spoke out about the need for change in the police force, stating that he felt protests would go a long way towards ending this problem in America.

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While the boycott won’t end the systemic racism in the United States and through the police ranks, the more athletes and former athletes speak out, the better the chances are of more actions being taken to put an end to the unnecessary police shootings that have become far too common towards unarmed African-Americans..