3 Reasons the Rockets vs. Lakers series is a dream matchup for the NBA

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Anthony Davis P.J. Tucker (Photo by Kim Klement-Pool/Getty Images) /
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The Houston Rockets and Lakers will draw big numbers

Being in such a high market, the NBA will always benefit from the Los Angeles Lakers having good seasons. They’re consistently rated among the highest in viewership due to their popularity and location, so it makes sense that any series involving them will do well in the ratings.

The appeal of the Houston Rockets, whether it be from NBA fans rooting for or against them, has also been a good sign for the league. Sports Media Watch shared some TV stats about their big Game 7 against the Thunder, including how it was the most-watched opening-round playoff game on cable in two years, with 4.11 million viewers. The last game with a higher rating? A 2018 Cavaliers game featuring LeBron James.

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The two other highest-rated games in the NBA this season were also tied to LeBron James, with one being a January 31st Lakers game (4.41 million) and another being Game 3 of the Lakers’ first-round series with the Blazers (3.83 million).

Given all the revenue the league has lost and will continue to lose amid the coronavirus pandemic, a series between two teams with as much appeal as the Rockets and Lakers will be enormous for the league.

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