3 Ways the Houston Rockets can re-gain control of the series

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Houston Rockets

James Harden #13 of the Houston Rockets (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

After losing Game 2, the Houston Rockets look to re-group for Game 3 and secure a victory that could give them all the momentum going forward

The Houston Rockets have suddenly found themselves tied 1-1 in the Western Conference Semifinals against the top seeded Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers won Game 2 in large part because the Rockets ran out of gas in the fourth quarter, leading to a 117-109 loss.

Houston was down 21 points in the second quarter, but used a 41-point scoring avalanche out of gates of the third quarter to tie the game. The Rockets eventually pulled ahead to a five-point advantage late in the third quarter, thanks to their 3-point shooting.

Afterwards, the Lakers came back to life in the fourth quarter and virtually outlasted the Rockets on the offensive end, thanks to a surge by Lakers superstars LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

Houston is now focused on an important Game 3 match-up that could swing the momentum heavily in their favor if they can secure the win. Here are three ways the Houston Rockets can regain control of the Western Conference Semis.

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