Would the Rockets trade James Harden to the Warriors?

Houston Rockets James Harden Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images
Houston Rockets James Harden Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images /
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Is it enough to pry Harden away from the Houston Rockets?

The Rockets should be in no rush to trade James Harden unless they’re blown away by a team’s offer. If the Philadelphia 76ers call and offer Ben Simmons or Joel Embiid for Harden then that offer trumps anything the Warriors can offer.

However, the Rockets would have to seriously consider the Warriors’ offer if the only other suitor for James Harden is the Brooklyn Nets. James Wiseman is the type of high upside prospect that has become a must in any superstar transaction.

Andrew Wiggins might be overpaid but he’s a solid NBA player and could become something far greater in the right environment. The Timberwolves’ 2021 first-round pick could easily end up in the lottery and any pick swap down the line with the Warriors has tremendous upside due to their core’s advanced age.

This return would be light for a player as talented as James Harden. Wiseman and Wiggins are both massive question marks and the Rockets simply wouldn’t be receiving enough draft capital to make up for the lack of proven NBA talent.

The Golden State Warriors could give the Rockets a call over James Harden in the coming days but the conversation shouldn’t last long. The Warriors don’t have enough assets and the Rockets have the time and leverage to get a monster return for Harden if they choose to head towards a rebuild.

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The Warriors and the Rockets’ championship windows overlapped during the past six seasons with the Warriors emerging victorious each time. Injury has all but ended the Warriors’ time at the top, don’t expect the Rockets to help them climb back to the mountaintop.