Houston Rockets: 3 matchups to watch against Orlando Magic 

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Houston Rockets

James Harden #13 of the Houston Rockets (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images)

The Houston Rockets and the Orlando Magic are set to have a showdown tonight, these are the three matchups that will decide the game.

The Houston Rockets and the Orlando Magic find themselves at the opposite end of the standings. The Magic have been excellent to start the season and have gotten off to a 6-2 start, while the Rockets have limped their way to a 2-4 record.

However, the two teams both have their eyes set on the postseason and the Rockets are viewed as the more talented team. While basketball is a team sport, how individual matchups play out have an outsized effect on the scoreline.

The team that wins the majority of their one on one battles will usually win the game. The Rockets and the Magic have two strong rosters and the game should be a cagey affair.

This is a must-win for the Rockets, as a drop to 2-5 in the standings will make a playoff push less and less likely. The Magic, on the other hand, are surprisingly in a position to claim a top seed in the Eastern Conference if they can build off of their hot start.

The Magic’s resolve should be tested tonight as they just lost their starting point guard, Markelle Fultz, to a season-long ACL injury. The Rockets need to capitalize on the Magic’s loss and start building for a playoff push before it becomes too late.

Tonight’s game will come down to which team can win their individual matchups. These are the three matchups to watch for as the Rockets look to gain the edge on the Magic.

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