3 keys to the Rockets’ comeback against the Blazers

Victor Oladipo, Houston Rockets.
Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports
Victor Oladipo, Houston Rockets. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports /
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Key #1: Houston Rockets point guard John Wall’s leadership

To the outside world, the Houston Rockets are a team with some players that used to be stars and have no clear direction. In reality, it has become clear that John Wall is adopting the city and the team as his own and is the leader of these hardworking Rockets.

Throughout the entire game, Wall was seen engaging with his teammates and holding the team together. The entire team respects Wall and seems to have given him the leadership of the team as was evident in the fourth quarter down the stretch where Wall was controlling the floor.

Having a clear and vocal leader that leads by example on both sides of the floor seems to have the whole team believing in themselves and putting in the work. This victory was not about anyone in particular, but rather the entire Rockets team as a whole showing their identity to the world.

Coach Silas showed that he is not afraid to change things up to help the team compete. The entire team coming together to recover from the Blazers’ haymaker in the first quarter and winning the game shows why the bright future for the Rockets can start now, not in five years.

Granted, there are plenty of kinks for the team to still work out. Coach Silas has plenty of rotations to play around with and the team has to find a way to get off to better starts.

The WOW combination needs more time to build chemistry together. Christian Wood has room to improve on the defensive end and a big lineup of Boogie and Wood playing together has yet to be seen.

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Yet still, the Rockets are growing while winning and are playing their brand of gritty basketball and this four-game winning streak feels good.