Rockets: 3 reasons to be skeptical of the Victor Oladipo trade rumors

Houston Rockets guard Victor Oladipo (7). Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports
Houston Rockets guard Victor Oladipo (7). Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports /
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#1: The Houston Rockets can stay flexible with Oladipo

While GM Rafael Stone has been accelerating the rebuilding process for the Rockets, he has talked about how much he likes having flexibility. The Rockets can keep Oladipo for the remainder of this season and still be left with plenty of financial flexibility for the future regardless of whether or not he is a part of that future.

If Oladipo is going to be a Rocket for the future then he has multiple options. He can sign a two-year extension that would cost roughly $23 million annually if he wants to have the flexibility for another big contract in two more years.

This would also align his contract with the contracts of John Wall and Christian Wood.

If Oladipo wants more security, he can sign a long term deal for four years and up to $112 million, breaking down to a yearly average of about $28 million.

While this may seem like a lot considering the youth of the Rockets team, the performance of Wall, Oladipo and Wood (WOW) so far this season shows that they can be a formidable big three. If the WOW factor continues to show growth, then there is no reason to believe that they can’t continue to be competitive for years to come.

And if at the end of all of this, the Rockets and Oladipo want to end their partnership, then it is possible that they do a sign-and-trade deal at the end of the year. The important thing is for the Rockets to maintain a positive relationship with Oladipo and show a willingness to adjust as the season progresses.

With all the rumors swirling, it is expected that Stone will pick up the phone and listen to offers on Oladipo but there is no rush to making a trade. With Oladipo’s fit in the WOW squad and the team showing signs of life, there is still plenty of basketball to be played before the two sides should come to a decision on the future.

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All the rumors should be taken with a grain of salt as Stone will end up making the move that fits the team’s future vision, not based on others’ perceptions.