Move over Rockets fans, Lakers fans hit new low

Houston Rockets t-shirts (Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)
Houston Rockets t-shirts (Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images) /

Throughout the years, Houston Rockets fans have been the subject of constant scrutiny, as the media had essentially labeled the fanbase as the worst of the worst. We’ve heard that Rockets fans are cry-babies and that they constantly gripe about fouls and non-fouls, which many have used as reason to take shots at the fanbase.

Many blame Houston Rockets fans for James Harden’s behavior earlier in the season, with the belief being that Rockets fans created a monster with Harden by constantly going to bat for him. This is especially the case as it pertains to Rockets fans making the case that Harden was snubbed for multiple MVPs, as it further validated the belief that Rockets fans are whiny and the most embarrassing fanbase, in the eyes of many.

Well, move over Rockets fans, because the Los Angeles Lakers fanbase has just dethroned you and told you to hold their beer, while offering a reminder that it’s still possible to be catfished in 2021. In case you aren’t up-to-speed, a fairly popular Lakers podcast host named Josh Toussaint took to Twitter on Monday to notify the NBA community that his “co-host” of the Laker Point Podcast, who went by the name Vivian Flores, went missing. Toussaint revealed that Flores had leukemia and may have been donning a wig, in hopes of making it easier for someone to spot this individual.

Move over Houston Rockets, as the Lakers hit a new low

Vivian had quite the following on social media, as she had 16,000 followers on Twitter, so naturally the “news” of her going missing caused quite a stir and went viral. Many began looking for Flores and expressed their concern with her well-being, as Toussaint provided a photo of what she was last wearing even stated that she drove a Bentley.

The news of Flores going missing even got the attention of the official Lakers Twitter account, who stated that they would send their head of security to assist with the search. Toussaint later notified the Twitter world that he was the one who “found” Flores on his own, after the NBA community grew concerned, which raised red flags to many.

As it turns out, Flores was never a real person, as all of the photos that were posted by her were of Sharon Alexie, who is a popular Instagram model. The photos of Flores were all photo-shopped, and with poor quality, as a quick zoom-in of the photos posted by Flores made it obvious that this “person” wasn’t real.

There were even photos of her attending Lakers games, wearing Lakers jerseys, and even holding a dog, which were all unconvincing. But this person was believable enough to even be “in a relationship” with someone (hello Twitter user @ItsKingsBruh), although they never laid eyes on Flores, aside from looking at the photo-shopped pics on social media.

That’s right, no Face-Time sessions or in-person interactions whatsoever, which even made Kevin Durant curious as to how KingsBruh was deceived. Okay Manti Te’o.

After it got out that this person was fake, Flores went to social media to try and proclaim that she was real, which only made it more obvious that she wasn’t, and only made it more embarrassing for “KingsBruh”. The whole situation has been described as one individual seeking attention and notoriety, as it’s believed that Toussaint, the  was behind it all.

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So Rockets fans, don’t worry about being labeled as the most embarrassing fanbase anymore (although the Houston Rockets’ fanbase should have never been in the running for that in the first place), as the Lakers’ fanbase has officially taken that title.