Rockets: 6 key differences between Rafael Stone and Daryl Morey

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Houston Rockets

James Harden #13 of the Brooklyn Nets Houston Rockets general manaer Rafeal Stone (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)

It goes without saying that the Houston Rockets have had a tumultuous year in all aspects. From the front office to the coaching staff to the roster, there’s been overhauls at every level, and anything could happen from this point onward.

Yes, it took me a while to cope with the fact that one of the best executives in the league is no longer with the Rockets. It took me even longer to cope with the fact that James Harden is no longer a Rocket.

But I’m optimistic. Or at least I’m trying to be. There are plenty of reasons to be hopeful, but I still find myself constantly trying to look back at the past and what could’ve been. I’m hoping that everything works out for the Rockets in the next few years, but only time will tell.

6 key differences between Houston Rockets GM Rafael Stone and his predecessor Daryl Morey

But in the meantime, this is a topic I think is well worth discussing. The Rockets are transitioning into a new era, and it certainly wouldn’t hurt to see how the new Rockets have operated so far versus how they previously operated for over a decade. A Daryl Morey and Rafael Stone comparison is a great way to start that discussion in my opinion.

That being said, yes, I know it’s early to have this conversation considering the fact that Stone hasn’t even been the Houston Rockets GM for a year. But I think this is something worth discussing early because, when we compare the two, we might find similarities that may factor into how Stone will operate moving forward.

There will be opinions in this article, but I’ll be surprised if these opinions hold true 3-4 years down the line, especially when discussing Stone. There’s a small sample size with Rafael Stone with only one off-season, so it’s likely that a bigger sample size may change the way we believe he will operate as the situation and expectations change over the years. Again, only time will tell, but there’s nothing wrong with some biased speculation.

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