Rockets: Does Miami PD realize the seriousness of their internal investigation?

Kevin Porter Jr. #4 of the Houston Rockets (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Kevin Porter Jr. #4 of the Houston Rockets (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

On Tuesday a snippet of footage displaying the aftermath of the attack on Houston Rockets guard/forward Sterling Brown was shown. The 26-year-old Brown was viciously attacked outside of the Booby Trap on the River strip club in Miami, which was an incident that raised more questions than answers, based on the information that was initially provided.

The incident also prompted an NBA investigation, as the Rockets most certainly violated the league’s coronavirus protocol, which prohibits players from attending bars, clubs, and entertainment venues. But what was interesting was the handling of the incident by the Miami Police Department, who was first to report on the scene after the grizzly attack.

Let’s take a look at the footage below, which was provided by Andy Slater of Fox Sports 640 South Florida.

Disclaimer: The following video contains blood

SLATER SCOOP: Rockets’ Sterling Brown shown full of blood in body-cam video outside Miami strip club.

His teammate, Kevin Porter Jr., and cops appear to have an animated discussion before Brown gets treatment from paramedics.

(Note: Audio muted by police)

— Andy Slater (@AndySlater) April 27, 2021

A thorough examination of the clip makes it obvious that Houston Rockets rising star Kevin Porter Jr. became agitated by the Miami Dade Police Department and was even seen being waived away by the responding officers, despite being alongside his teammate Sterling Brown, who was bloodied and shirtless after being a victim of a gruesome attack.

Does Miami-Dade PD realize the seriousness of their internal investigation against the Houston Rockets?

The fascinating aspect of Miami-Dade PD’s response to the Houston Rockets duo is the fact that the audio of the officer that was wearing the body cam was muted, leaving many to question why the audio wasn’t made available. This especially became a question after Porter appeared to become so frustrated with the officers that he even balled up his fists.

What was said that got him so riled up? And why wasn’t there any immediate medical attention that was tended to Brown, Porter’s Rockets teammate, as opposed to most of the attention being placed on Porter by the police force?

Shortly after the clip was posted it was revealed that the Miami-Dade Police Department decided to conduct what was described as an “internal investigation” into the handling of Porter and Brown by the Miami PD, which is why the audio wasn’t made available for the public to hear.

So what exactly should we expect the Miami-Dade Police to discover? Surely they won’t go after their own, especially in what could become a high-profile case involving an NBA team like the Houston Rockets, right?

I mean, if we’re being honest, whenever the body-cam of an encounter involving an African-American male and law enforcement has been muted or made unavailable, it’s typically not been good, as it pertains to law enforcement. In other words the footage is usually altered for a reason.

So is the police force ready to lead the charge on an investigation involving their own? They better be, because the last time Houston Rockets guard Sterling Brown was involved in a police-related incident he received a payout of $750,000 and an admittance of a civil rights violation by the Milwaukee Police Department.

So all eyes will be on this incident and investigation by yet another police force, as we know that many police officers look after those who represent the blue shield and badge. We also know the current climate involving law enforcement and unarmed African-Americans, which was the case with the Houston Rockets duo.

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Hopefully the Miami-Dade Police Department is prepared for a legitimate investigation involving their own employees, as Acevedo’s history and the current climate of being woke will surely be taken into account in this investigation.