3 team needs the Rockets must address in the NBA Draft

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Adam Silver (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images) /
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Houston Rockets need #1: Best Player Available

At the end of the day, the Houston Rockets are in the early days of a complete rebuild. As a team at the bottom of the NBA, Houston does not have the luxury of being picky when it comes to young talent.

Going into this offseason, as they evaluate all of the talent in this year’s draft, the Rockets will have to recognize that they are functioning from a talent deficit relative to the rest of the league. And the only way to overcome that is take some big swings at young players, regardless of positional need.

While this may be more clear cut at the top of the draft, this is also true for the mid-round picks that the Rockets will have.

As the draft moves past the first four picks this year, the waters become much murkier when evaluating talent; “sure thing” prospects become non-existent, and a team’s big board becomes much more subjective.

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Because of this, as the Rockets begin to consider who to take in the middle of the first round, they must be careful not to try to overthink their evaluations and go with who they believe will be the best future NBA player, regardless of position or fit.