Could the Celtics help the Rockets get rid of John Wall?

John Wall #1 of the Houston Rockets (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)
John Wall #1 of the Houston Rockets (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images) /

In case you didn’t already know, John Wall is not in the Houston Rockets‘ long-term plans. And rightfully so, as the Rockets’ window doesn’t meet Wall’s timeline in his career.

But how can the Rockets get rid of Wall, considering his remaining $91+ million? The New York Knicks have been floated as a potential trade destination for Wall, but the Boston Celtics could also present a viable solution for the Rockets to rid themselves of Wall.

A trade that would send Wall to the Boston Celtics for Kemba Walker would work from a salary standpoint and could also present one of the few ways to get John Wall out of Houston. Wall and Walker’s contracts are similar, as they are both making around $34-38 million, but it only starts there.

Could the Celtics be a potential landing spot for Houston Rockets point guard John Wall?

If this trade were to happen, the Houston Rockets could use Walker as trade bait at the trade deadline or simply hold onto him until the offseason. But the most likely scenario would be to use Walker as trade bait because the Houston Rockets could potentially have Cade Cunningham (yes I’m speaking that into existence) if the Rockets land the first pick, which they will undoubtedly use to select Cunningham.

Kemba is entering a stage of his career in which he will need to provide value in a veteran backup role. Such a role could be very important to help Cade Cunningham establish his feet in the NBA and also Kevin Porter Jr. with his veteran experience.

When the trade deadline approaches, the Rockets could make a two-for-one deal. The Rockets could use both a center and a guard to backup Kevin Porter Jr or Cade Cunningham, or simply another upcoming star that teams are sleeping on.

The Houston Rockets will surprise many people next season, because the talent is already on the roster, it’ll just be a matter of making the pieces work and having them in the right spots.

Trading Wall to the Celtics for Kemba Walker would work for both teams since both players and teams want to move on. If such a deal doesn’t work, the Houston Rockets can trade John Wall elsewhere for a pick or two and pick up a guard in free agency like Dennis Schröder, who likely didn’t perform well enough in his sole season with the Los Angeles Lakers to secure a starting role.

Or the Rockets could even turn to former Rockets guard Goran Dragić. I think those two could present excellent backup options to Cade or KPJ.

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Either way, Houston Rockets GM Rafael Stone should consider the Celtics as a potential avenue for getting rid of Wall and his contract.