Rockets: 2 reasons why Matt Bullard will excel in the front office role

Matt Bullard (Photo credit should read GEORGE FREY/AFP via Getty Images)
Matt Bullard (Photo credit should read GEORGE FREY/AFP via Getty Images) /
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2. Matt Bullard knows modern NBA basketball

If you keep up with what players from Bullard’s era have to say about the NBA today, you will notice a trend from many of them. Frequent criticisms of the modern league include the officiating being too “soft”, the players underperforming on defense, the excess of 3-point shooting, and the waning of the mid-range game.

There is certainly a discussion to be had regarding the presence of touch fouls, flopping, and the overall level of physicality observed in the modern NBA compared to its previous eras. Ideas about when a team or player has gone too far in limiting mid-range shot selection are also an interesting topic of conversation.

However, players from Bullard’s era frequently have takes pertaining to these ideas that are not exactly the most nuanced or well-founded in the world. Frequently, these former players (or coaches, journalists, and the like for that matter) just come off as “old-heads” who are stuck in their ways.

An inflexible mind is not typically one that you want in the front office of your organization. Refusing to even consider adapting your philosophies in the face of change does not bear success. This is one area where Matt Bullard shines.

Unlike some of his contemporaries, Bullard accepts and embraces that the NBA has undergone change since his time in the league. He also understands that this is natural and that it has occurred before, during, and after his time as a player.

While he takes pride in the era he was a part of, he does not allow that to cloud his judgment regarding the analytical side of basketball. The combination of experience in one era and observation of another is one that lends itself to informed decision-making in a front office setting.

Having seen so many modern games as part of his job, Bullard is aptly equipped with knowledge of what creates success in today’s league and in today’s players. His willingness to embrace this stands out amongst his generation and bodes well for his future as a front office member.