1 Burning question about every member of the Houston Rockets' "core six"

What questions persist about the Houston Rockets' Jalen Green?
What questions persist about the Houston Rockets' Jalen Green? / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages
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The Houston Rockets have nearly wrapped up their 2023-24 NBA season. At this point, they're playing with house money. The goal was to improve this year, and the Rockets have accomplished that goal.

For years now, this team has had a long-term outlook. That hasn't changed. If this iteration of the Rockets turns into a serious title contender, it won't be Fred VanVleet who carries them to glory.

It will be one of the Rockets' "core six". At this point, no clear franchise player has emerged for the Rockets. Yet, this team's potential is overwhelming. Their six recent first-round picks all have tremendous potential.

Here's one burning question about each of them.

Jalen Green

Can he be consistent?

You know how this goes. Green was wildly disappointing throughout most of his third NBA season. Sure, young guards tend to struggle with efficiency. The ones that end up being stars don't typically struggle this badly.

Then, like a supernova, Green exploded. He averaged 27.7 points per game on 61.3 True Shooting % (TS%) through March. If those numbers had held through the season, the Rockets would solely focus on building around Green.

That's an unreasonable bar. Green can't be expected to maintain that pace throughout an entire year. By contrast, he should be expected to hover around 36% from deep and finish consistently inside.

If he can't, the Rockets will eventually have to start disregarding his post-All-Star break explosions.