1 Burning question about every member of the Houston Rockets' "core six"

What questions persist about the Houston Rockets' Jalen Green?
What questions persist about the Houston Rockets' Jalen Green? / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages
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Alperen Sengun

Is he a defensive liability?

For some fans, questions about Sengun's defense have already been answered. The Rockets' 112.6 Defensive Rating ranks 10th in the NBA, and Sengun was their starting big man for most of the season. We're done here, right?

Not so fast. Ime Udoka is a defensive mastermind. He designed a scheme that had Sengun hedging and recovering where he's spent most of his NBA career in drop coverage. For the most part, it worked.

Use your eyes. Sengun still looks like someone who can easily be exploited by downhill guards. There was a temptation to ask about this three-point shot, but that feels like a secondary concern. Sengun is already a star-caliber offensive player.

Can he star on both ends of the floor?

Amen Thompson

What position does he play?

When Sengun got injured in early March, it changed the makeup of this team dramatically. It forced Jabari Smith Jr. into the 5 spot, and it forced Amen Thompson into the starting lineup - as a 4.

Thompson was drafted to run point. It was well understood that his jump shot was a work in progress and that his handle needed some tightening. Now, he's done so well in the forward role that one wonders how much work he even needs in those areas.

To unlock his ceiling, Thompson needs to develop his guard skills. Still, it's encouraging to know that he's got a future as a defensive wing if his shot and handle don't come around.