1 Dream, 1 reach and 1 realistic offseason target for the Houston Rockets

Could the Houston Rockets pair LaMelo Ball with Jalen Green?
Could the Houston Rockets pair LaMelo Ball with Jalen Green? / Jared C. Tilton/GettyImages
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Reach Target: LaMelo Ball

Is Amen Thompson the point of the future in Houston? We're not sure. His floor vision portends superstar potential, but if Thompson's shot and ball-handling don't develop, he may be relegated to wing duty long-term.

If the Rockets could bring Ball on board, it may all be moot. Ball is a point guard by any measure. He's just as sharp as Thompson as a passer, but he's also a knockdown shooter and capable ball-handler. When healthy, Ball is one of the best young guards in the NBA.

Unfortunately, health is a major caveat for Ball. That's the reason he's being frequently named as a trade target. Could the Hornets opt to move Ball and rebuild around Brandon Miller?

We doubt it. That's why we're calling Ball a reach. The Hornets would likely prefer to roll the dice on his health and see what he can accomplish with Miller. It was a poorly kept secret that the Hornets selected Miller over Scoot Henderson due to his fit with Ball - why give up on that duo now?