1 Player from every eliminated team the Houston Rockets should look at

Could the Houston Rockets acquire Paul George this summer?
Could the Houston Rockets acquire Paul George this summer? / Meg Oliphant/GettyImages
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Misery loves company.

The Houston Rockets missed the postseason this year. Now, they've got some new company. The first-round of the postseason has concluded. Several teams have joined the Rockets in Cancun, or their preferred travel destination.

A first-round exit doesn't always engender confidence. Some of these teams will be making significant moves in the offseason. For an up-and-coming team like the Rockets, that can mean an opportunity to make some key acquisitions.

After all, every team in their cohort isn't in the same position. A team who had grander ambitions than the first-round may be sellers. By contrast, the Rockets are on an upward trajectory - they could be buyers this summer.

Here's a player from every eliminated playoff team that we think they could take a look at.

Milwaukee Bucks - Malik Beasley

We were tempted to get cute here and name GIannis Antetokoumnpo. If he does request a trade, every team with assets should consider landing him - including the Rockets.

Let's ground ourselves a little bit here. We'll assume Antetokoumnpo is staying put. Malik Beasley is set to hit free agency this summer. He shot 41.3% from long-range this year, and he's a solid defender. He'd make for a perfect reserve guard for this squad.