1 Player from every eliminated team the Houston Rockets should look at

Could the Houston Rockets acquire Paul George this summer?
Could the Houston Rockets acquire Paul George this summer? / Meg Oliphant/GettyImages
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New Orleans Pelicans - Brandon Ingram

The Pelicans offer too many options. We struggled with who to name here. The Rockets have been linked to Zion Williamson in the past, and either one of Herb Jones or Trey Murphy III would be a perfect fit on this roster.

We went with Ingram. He's also a clean fit on this roster. The Rockets may want him to up his three-point volume - Ingram shot 35.5% on just 3.8 attempts per game this year. Typically, he shoots with better accuracy. Otherwise, Ingram is a versatile player who can pass, defend, and score on all three levels.

Philadelphia 76ers - Nicolas Batum

Now, we're settling back into familiar territory. Batum is another veteran, sharpshooting role player. He's also a free agent.

The Rockets won't want to break the bank for him. Still, Batum shot 39.5% from deep last year. He remains a serviceable defender and plus positional passer. At the right price, he'd be a strong acquisition for the Rockets.

Phoenix Suns - Eric Gordon

Why not?

Sure, Gordon's defensive value has declined. Yes, he's aging. He could still give the Rockets some quick bursts of offense as a reserve in 2024-25. Gordon remains a lethal shooter off the catch or dribble. The Rockets may also value his corporate knowledge:

They kept his company for a long time, and it was far from miserable.