1 potential Houston Rockets trade target nobody is talking about

Could the Houston Rockets acquire Collin Sexton?
Could the Houston Rockets acquire Collin Sexton? / Tim Warner/GettyImages

Mikal Bridges. Donovan Mitchell. Alex Caruso. Mikal Bridges.

...Mikal Bridges.

The Houston Rockets have been linked to plenty of trade targets in recent months. Some come up frequently (Mikal Bridges, for example).

Linking the Rockets to Bridges is perfectly logical. The Rockets own the Nets' pick, they want to improve - you've heard this before.

Still, there are other possible targets for the Rockets. Who knows who could shake loose?

How about Collin Sexton of the Utah Jazz?

Could Houston Rockets target young guard?

Rumors are suggesting that Sexton could be available.

That makes sense. The Jazz are at a crossroads. They may seek to prioritize Keyonte George. Sexton is still young, but if the Jazz are rebuilding, he may be on the wrong timeline for them.

Sexton may be available. That doesn't automatically mean that the Rockets should be interested in him. Why would they be - and why wouldn't they?

The pros of Houston Rockets trading for Sexton

Let's start with the obvious - Sexton is excellent.

Last season, he averaged 18.7 points and 4.9 assists per game. Those numbers don't even do him justice, as Sexton played just 26.6 minutes per game. Per 75 possessions, Sexton averaged 25.4 points and 6.7 assists per game. He did all that with an efficient 60.7% True Shooting % (TS%).

Sexton isn't a one-way player, either. As a small guard, he'll struggle in certain matchups defensively. Still, Sexton plays with relentless effort on both ends of the floor. It's easy to imagine him endearing himself to Ime Udoka.

What could go wrong?

The cons of Houston Rockets trading for Sexton

Let's address the elephant in the room. Trading for Sexton doesn't qualify as a vote of confidence in Jalen Green.

Assuming, of course, that Green isn't involved in the package. Let's operate under that assumption. Trading for Sexton would still potentially lead the Rockets to deprioritize Green.

That's one potential issue in making a move for Sexton. It would also require the Rockets to deal with "Trader" Danny Ainge. The Jazz GM is notoriously stingy when making deals. Ainge doesn't like to lose a trade.

Should the Rockets risk losing one?

Houston Rockets should consider Sexton

We'll answer the second problem first.

The Rockets should treat Ainge like any other GM. If he insists on a deal that feels bad for them, they should pass on it. The Rockets can't be afraid to make a trade with anyone - they need to have confidence in their own deal-making abilities.

As for Green? Let's be honest - he hasn't earned a vote of confidence. The Rockets shouldn't hesitate to trade for a quality 25-year-old to avoid upsetting a player who hasn't lived up to expectations.

Does landing Sexton mean that Green is out of the picture? No. Sexton is a combo guard. He could be a long-term reserve for Houston if Green takes a fourth-year leap. Moreover, they could be the team's backcourt of the future if Amen Thompson looks like a long-term wing.

In the end, there are more questions than answers when it comes to the Rockets. If the price is right, they shouldn't hesitate to pick up a young player who can help them win now and later.

Even if it isn't Mikal Bridges.