1 Thing each young Rockets player must improve down the stretch

Houston Rockets v Memphis Grizzlies
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Jalen Green-Finishing at the Rim

There are a lot of options here, as Jalen Green has left alot to be desired. Defense, turnovers, shooting...however you want to answer it, you likely won't be wrong. 

I tend to lean towards finishing at the rim. Remember, this is a top-tier athlete we're talking about here. 

The explosiveness and athleticism didn't just disappear. Hell, we see it when he drives to the rim and blows past defenders with ease.

But for as great as his blow-bys have been, the finishes have been equally unimpressive. 

Tari Eason-Health

Tari Eason is arguably the single most important player on the Rockets’ roster. He’s also the most dynamic player among the team’s young core.

His ability to clamp down opponents, while also diving after loose balls is just something that isn’t duplicated on the roster. Truth be told, every team would love a Tari Eason.

Hell, Draymond Green even likened Eason to himself.

He’s a fairly decent long-range shooter and he’s tenacious on the glass, especially on the offensive glass. Last season, Eason ranked second on the team in offensive rebounds (2.4) and this season he also ranks second (2.1).

The Rockets need him on the floor. He hasn’t been on the court since January 1st.

Granted, it’s not his fault. Injuries happen.

And he played all 82 games last season. This season, however, they need to get him back on the floor if they want to have any chance of postseason play.

It seems as though his injury has been mismanaged, as he played through the injury initially, but has seemingly been ruled out for the rest of the season.