1 Trade the Houston Rockets could make with every other lottery team

Could the Houston Rockets make a move for Alexandre Sarr?
Could the Houston Rockets make a move for Alexandre Sarr? / Kelly Defina/GettyImages
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It feels like the Houston Rockets want to trade the third overall pick.

Where there's smoke, there is typically fire - unless you're at a cigar club meeting. The Rockets have been the subject of seemingly endless rumors surrounding this pick.

Who knows? They may keep the pick. It takes two to take a trade. Who's to say whether the Rockets will find a high-value offer for their pick?

Still, it seems sensible to conclude that the Rockets are open to moving the pick. We've seen them linked to both the Nets and the Grizzlies. Who knows what else they might do?

Please don't take these proposals as endorsements. They aren't. There are several deals in this piece that we wouldn't pull the trigger on, but wonder if the Rockets might.

Here's one deal they could make with every team in the lottery.

#13: Houston Rockets trade third pick, Jae'Sean Tate and Jock Landale for Jerami Grant and 14th pick with Blazers

PSA: the Rockets are unlikely to move Tari Eason. You won't see his name in this article again.

We graded a trade that sent him to the Blazers in a Grant deal. Let's just say we gave it a bad mark. We wouldn't touch that deal with a ten-foot pole.

In fact, we likely wouldn't even make a move for Grant. His deal is prohibitively expensive. Still, this deal does help the Rockets upgrade their win-now prospects while still taking a swing on a young player in the backend of the lottery.