1 Trade the Houston Rockets could make with every other lottery team

Could the Houston Rockets make a move for Alexandre Sarr?
Could the Houston Rockets make a move for Alexandre Sarr? / Kelly Defina/GettyImages
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#11: Houston Rockets trade third pick for 12th pick and protected 2025 first-round pick with Thunder

The Thunder have a lot of picks. Like...a lot of picks.

In fact, they have one of the Rockets' selections in 2025 - with top-10 protection. That's not the pick we've got them sending back to the Rockets here.

Instead, Houston should covet their 2025 top-6 protected pick from the 76ers. That's a pick that's exceedingly likely to convey. With this deal, the Rockets get two bites at the apple in a stronger draft and still get to select a prospect in 2024.

Will the Thunder go for this deal? It's hard to say. It's worth noting that some have advocated for them to pair Chet Holmgren with a bulkier big man. If the Thunder like Donovan Clingan, they could pounce on this opportunity.

We like this deal. In this weak draft, the Rockets should be scouting down the board. They may like someone who will be available at 12 as much as they like the prospects at three. If so, why not pick up an additional asset?