1 Trade the Houston Rockets could make with every other lottery team

Could the Houston Rockets make a move for Alexandre Sarr?
Could the Houston Rockets make a move for Alexandre Sarr? / Kelly Defina/GettyImages
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#8: Houston Rockets trade third pick for ninth pick, Luke Kennard, and protected 2026 first-round pick with Grizzlies

We've covered this one. It's fresh in the rumor mill. The Rockets have allegedly been in discussion with the Grizzlies about a draft-day deal.

There could be several permutations of a deal here. The Rockets could have an interest in Marcus Smart if he's available. Surely Udoka would love to reunite with his former defensive ace.

Still, it would probably be more sensible to add Kennard. His price should be lower, and the Rockets have a more pressing need for his skill set. Since he's got lower trade value than Smart, the Rockets should also be able to pick up an additional future asset - perhaps Memphis' 2026 pick with top-5 protection.

Like other teams here, the Grizzlies would be doing this deal for Clingan. He makes perfect sense alongside Jaren Jackson Jr. If the Grizzlies are as intrigued by the defensive big man as rumors suggest, they should like this deal.